I Try Stuff, Styled Photos

  Hello darlings.
  I Try Stuff is a new series that I plan to have here on the blog. And today I’m doing the first post that is about me trying out how it is to take so-called styled photos.

  But first thing first. The kind of styled photos I’ve been taking today is a kind that is often seen on blogs or instagram where seemingly random stuff have been put together just to look good, promote a product or be in the the background of a text. I don’t know the orgin of this kind of photos but I know that I have seen them all over the internet. And I totaly love them. And that’s why I decided to spend the day taking a lot of phots, of a lot of different things, that I then might be albe to use on the blog. I didn’t use that many things in each photo though, which I regret a bit now that I see them in the computer.
  So basically this post is all about me taking photos that I may och may not use in the future.
Why: Mostly because I wanted to know if this was something I could do.

How: I took photos of a lot of stuff and used a white bed sheet as backdrop.

Time: About an hour and a half for maybe ten different  groups of objects.

Points: 7/10. It was a lot of fun but I would have loved to have some more stuff to use. Also it was raining a lot outside and was wery dark so my lighting wans’t the best. But other than that it was a great experience.

Will I do this again?: Definitley.

Got any tips for me for next time?

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