I Try Stuff: (Really) Dark Lipstick

Hello everyone.
  I hope you’re all doing fine. I have a bit of a cold at the moment, but I drink a lot of tea and hope it will go away really soon. Other than that I’m doing really fine.

  If you been hanging around at the same places as me, i.e. pinterest and other blogs, you might have noticed that really dark lipsticks seem to be the thing of the things this season. And being the big lipstick fan that I am I just had to try it out.
  So the other day when Mr. A went into the city I asked him to pick one up for me. And after looking in at least three different stores he found me one from Mac called Instigator. 

Why: I love this trend. I seen it look amazing on a lot of other people and I really wanted to try it out myself.

How: I just used my new darker lipstick instead of my ordinary red one.

Points: 10/10
  Yes this experience really hit the jack pot. I loved it. I loved how it made me feel and I love how it looked on me. I will definitley wear the lipstick again and I will probably invest in another even darker one when I have the money for it.

Tips: I really recomend anyone that’s into makeup to try this trend out. There are a lot of dark lipsticks in the stores right now and I think there is a shade out there for everyone.
  If you are afraid that people will stare, shake it of. I think you will look great, and I hope you will feel great to. Practise the art of wearing makeup for you, not for others, and you’ll be fine.


  1. Hello from the FB Blogging on your own terms page. I love dark lipstick and would rather wear it that something that someone can't see. I mean, why bother? I just never remember to reapply after it wears off.

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