How To Deal With A Cold – According To Me.

Hello everyone.
I really hope you’re doing a bit better than me this Saturday since I’m dealing with the worst cold I’ve had in ages. My throat is itching, my nose is running and my ears crunch every time I swallow. Not that it has come as a total surprise though, Little Miss I was home from school coughing in the beginning of the week and after that Mr. A’s been feverish so I guess it’s just my turn by now. But now let’s talk about how to deal with a cold instead, since that’s at least a little bit more fun that to just whine about it. (Not that I actually think that you don’t already know how to deal with it, it’s just that I like to talk about me and how I’m dealing with stuff.)

How to deal with a cold.

How To Deal With A Cold

Cough Drops. They are called cough drops right? You know like hard candy that is also good for your throat? Well what ever they are called they are a must have once the throat starts to itch. Lemon and licorice are my favorites since I think the mint ones can be a bit to strong. This morning I even had to take this boring kind that don’t really taste anything just because my throat was hurting so bad.

Nasal Spray. I really hate nasal spray and tend to act just as a child when I need to take it. It hurts and tastes weird and it makes my nose hurt. But this morning my ears was so swollen that I had to use it, and then my nose was running even worse than it was before. But yes this is obviously a pretty useful product.

Essential Oils. I’m a big fan of essential oil and while I don’t have a very big collection of them I use the ones I have when I can.  Most of the time I just add a few drops to my water before taking a bath, and the combination of refreshing peppermint and calming lavender is a good choice when battling a cold. Or peppermint and orange because then the whole bath will smell like a cough drop.

Tea. Well we all knows that there is no better way to deal with a cold than to be hiding under a big blanket with a big mug of ones favorite kind of tea. Only had one cup today though but I plan to have a couple of more ones tomorrow if I don’t feel better by then.

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A really long bath/shower. And when everything else fails, a long time in hot water with some carefully selected treats are the way to go. Right now my treats of choice would be this face mask from Lush, a mug of raspberry tea and some chocolate.

So now that I’ve given you my tips on how to deal with a cold, do you have any tips you would like to share with me?


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