How To: Date Nights at Home For Nerdy Parents

Hi everyone.
I don’t know anything about how it is to date when you have a kid. What I do know, however, is how it is to date and fall in love with someone who is a single parent. And the thing is that I can’t remember if me and Mr. A have ever have been on a real date, at least not without little Miss I. But dating isn’t all about going out. It’s about taking time for each other. And setting of time for date nights at home is a great way to do that.

So even if I’m not a parent nor really a nerd, Mr. A is both of those. And since little Miss I is living with us full-time our lives kind of imitates those other parents, apart from the fact that in this household the adults enjoy video games just as much as the kid.
And like in so many other families the time after the kid is asleep way to often get wasted on our phones, or doing a bit of this and that. Time that could come to way better use. Time that we could waste on doing things together. And that’s why I’m writing this post, to inspire both us and others like us to have a real date night once in a while.

How To Date Nights At Home For Nerdy Parents

Date Nights Ideas:

Discussion Night.
Take some time of from the TV for once and have a discussion night. Choose one or two topics to talk about, take something to eat and then sit down at the kitchen table and talk. And not about who didn’t do the dishes or why your out och ice cream again.

Topic Ideas:
Why does every other adult seem to get this adult thing better than us?
Which Doctor is the best?
Is cats really better than dogs?

Tip: Have a phone nearby for when you need to look up some facts.

Sleep Over Party.
No not the sleeping over part. I mean that you would probably do anyway if you like us live together. I mean the other, fun stuff.
So get your best PJs on and take some blanket to the couch. Make some popcorn and hot chocolate and put on your favorite movie. Or make a pillow fort, everybody loves pillow forts. Take time for what you are doing and put those stupid phones away.

Video Game Night.
Yes we play a lot of video games in this household, but having an eight year old means we almost never have a chance to play together. Therefor my third idea is to have a video game night.
Borrow a game from the kids, I really love Skylanders, or some other game that you both can enjoy and then game it out. I think that playing a fun, colorful game together is a great way of re-discover your love for both gaming and each other. Unless one of you is a really bad looser, than I think you should choose an other idea.

YouTube Night.
We all love YouTube, right? So why not make a date out of it? Something to eat, a couple of cat videos and a lot of laughs. That is true romance if you ask me.
And if cats ain’t your thing there is always dogs, crazy parrots and even crazier humans. And of course there’s also Nerdy Nummies and Geek & Sundry.

And now: What’s your best ideas for dating at home?



  1. We have all but given up on going out date night. Last time we tried my daughter sprained her ankle.

    But sitting at the bench eating baked brands by candlelight while the kids watch a movie is romantic isn’t it?

    David Tennant for sure 🙂

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