How it Feels When Your Antidepressants is Working

  Soon I will be starting therapy again after not seeing my therapist for almost tree months. And thinking about it makes me nervous. Thinking about it makes me realize how much things have changed since I last saw her. How much I have changed.
  Okay maybe things haven’t changed that much. I mean I’m still a mess. I’m still suffering from anxiety. But for the past two and a half months I’ve aslo been taking these new antidepressants and they have actually been workning. So things have changed. And thats what I want to tell you about today, the way I feel that I’ve canged. And how I knew after just one week that this meds was going to work for me.

How it Feels When Your Antidepressants is Working

How it Feels When Your Antidepressants is Working.

Short Version:
 It’s like to open your eyes in the morning. And for the first time in forever beeing able to see the whole world and what it actually looks like.

Longer Version
 It’s taking a walk and feeling the air and realizing that you don’t want to go inside. It’s starting to cry when you all by a sudden realize how much you don’t deserve to be depressed. It’s to not wanting to cry just because someone tells you that Coca-Cola and chocolate is not a proper dinner. It’s starting some music and finding yourfelf dancing around in your apartment because you just can’t be still anymore. And it’s tears of joy and happines and starting to feel like a functioning human beeing.

How it Feels When Your Antidepressants is Working

 It’s not a quick fix. Not for me and probably not for anyone. And I’m not a fan of how some doctors orders them for anyone that feel a bit down. But for me they are the key to getting better.



  1. Love this – good on you for being brave and talking about this stuff. It's not always easy. I'm also on SSRIs for anxiety, and they've saved my life more than once. Seeing the world through calm eyes is such a sweet miracle, isn't it? Best to you, Girl of Much Importance! 😉 Best, Nicole

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