How Blogging is Helping Me Feel Better

 I first started this blog back in February with the tought that having something to do would make it easier to deal with my anxiety. But it didn’t work. I did write a few post but thats it. And since I was dealing with a lot of anxiety back then it’s not a surprise that that happend. I mean I had days where I almost forgot to eat, so to run a blog on top of that was to ask way to much from myself.

How blogging is helping me feel better.
 But now I’m back. And with my new meds that is definitley is doing their job I’m also back to my old plans for this blog. And having something to do makes my life feel a lot better, and I do think that my meds are working even better because of it. But exactly how does blogging make me feel better? Well I’ll tell you.

How Blogging is Helping Me Feel Better.

It gives me something to do.
 Blogging for me isn’t just to sit down by the computer and write down some sentences about my day. Basically because if I did that I would bore people out. And myself to for that matter. Blogging is writing, taking photos, coming up with things to write about, getting my content out there and more. 
  I spend at least a couple of hours a day om this blog. And then a lot more hours thinking and making up plans for it. And all those hours are now hours that I don’t spend thinking about what a mess my life is, how unemployed I am and how it feels like I can’t do anything about it.

It has helped me to become myself again.
 Dealing with depression made me lose myself. I guess that’s what it does to people. It even made me ashamed of the person that I am. Made me feel that I was all shallow and even a bad person because of it. It made me hate who I was.
 Having a blog have helped me to see all parts of me. Of course I’m not all shallow, but even if I was it wouldn’t be the end of the world. So I care about my looks. I love putting an outfit together. I also love a lot of other things. But a year ago I had forgot all about that.

I love it.
 Yes I love blogging. First of all I love to write, the written word is one of the loves of my life. And I love the camera. I love taking photos and I’m learning to love beeing in front of the camera as well. And then there is all the little stuff that many people never realize is a part of blogging. But the best part is without any doubt when I see that people is reading my stuff. So thank you for that.

My plan is to keep documenting my journey. I know that it will take time, but one day I will be able to say that I used to have anxiety problems. One day all of this will be in the past. And I love for you to follow me on that journey through this blog.

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