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Hello lovely ones.
Right now I’m spending most of my time dreaming about a bigger apartment, which kind of but me down since I know we will have no chance of getting one anytime soon. I also spend a lot of time thinking about things I want to buy for the apartment we have now to make it feel more like a home. (No just kidding, this apartment already is a home, I just want it a bit prettier and less of a mess, but pretty things are more fun to buy than things for storage, so that’s what todays post will be about.) And I wouldn’t really be allowed to call my self a blogger is I didn’t have a constantly growing H&M Home wish list would I?

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My H&M Home Wish List.

H&M Home Wish List

Plaid; here //  Candles; here & here // Decoration Cage; here // Pillow Cases in Velvet; here & here // Small Vases; here // Glass Vase here

All these items are things that I want to make out living room a bit cozier. But I want ten times the amount of pillows because I really like the thought of a little pillow mountain on the sofa, but it’s probably a good idea to start out small. And the golden cage I want to have on my desk with my favorite nail polishes in it.

This is just a part of the things I would like to buy from H&M home, and if I ever have the money (and the apartment) I will definitely buy new things from them every season because yeah I like buying things.

Now tell me: are you totally in love with H&M Home too, or is it just me?


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