grumpy, much?

Waking up this morning after about twelve hours of sleep. And to say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed would be an understatement. Meh. Thats not how it’s suppose to work.
Sleep early, wake up well rested, and feeling great was kind of my plan. But that failed. Instead I found myself in a stupid, grumpy mood that I just couldn’t shake off. And I still have this sulkiness that I can’t get out of.
So tonight I think I’ll go to bed att my usual late hour. And trust me when I say that I plan to wake up in a better mood tomorrow.

But now I think you should look at these chocolate orange cupcakes that we made some hours ago. 
And yes, they did cure my bad mood for a while. Maybe I just need to eat an other one, don’t you think?

chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting
orange chocolate cupcakes

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