Friday Five, Week 50

Hello my friends.
It’s Friday again. Which means I have to come up with some smart way to start this Friday Five post. But smart isn’t really my thing right now. A bit of a smart ass probably, but smart, that part of me is closed for the day. So instead of trying to come up with something clever today I’m just gonna say that my week have been good but not great. That the weather is really boring and I still really want snow. That I have a bit of PMS but still feeling fab. And that I now will go on to tell you about the five things that are the best right now.


1. I have candy.
Today I allowed myself to buy some new candy while we were at the store. Which means that tonight I won’t be eating scraps from the pantry. But I will have to save most of it until tomorrow, because I just can’t do Saturdays without candy. And I have also promised little Miss I that she can have some by then.

2. Our cats.
They just woke up from a five-hour nap, and that’s how the usually spend their days. They are still really shy, but they are also the cutest ever. I plan to write an update about them tomorrow, and you can find my first post about them here.

3. The talk me and Mr. A had about my blog.
Before we had dinner we started to talk about this blog, what I wanted to do with it and also how I wanted to do it. And it felt really good since we hadn’t had a talk about things like that in quite some time now. And now I have a lot of new energy and also some ideas for future blog posts.

IMG_9358 (2)

4. My hair.
Yesterday I added some new color to hair, so now it’s both shorter and colorful again. The color is Siren’s Song from Manic Panic and it turned out great. Makes me feel like a something between a mermaid and a wicked faerie. What do you think about it?

5. Makeup.
I love makeup. I love playing around with it and all the different versions of me that I can transform myself into. Right now black lips and golden eyelids my absolute favorites. And I this amazing gold nail polish that I bought cheap a couple of weeks ago. Pretty, me? No thanks I want to look fab!

Bye for now, and don’t forget to check in again tomorrow.

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