Friday Five Week 49

Hi everyone.
For some reason I have a very hard time to come up with anything to write right now. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about it’s just that for some reason I have a hard time finding the words. Maybe the problem is that I have to many things I want to write about, and when I can’t write it all at the same time the words kind of turns into a mess inside my head. But other than that things are just fine. Or things are actually more like great right now and I have all this happiness and life energy inside of me flying around. But now I gonna get myself together and write down my Friday five of the week.

friday five

The Cats.
This Wednesday we finally got our cats and I love them already. But I plan to tell you more about them tomorrow.

The New Makeup
New makeup is always fun. And since it was Black Friday last week I just had to order some. I’ve actually been trying to write a haul post about it both today and yesterday but haven’t manage to get it done yet. But I guess I will give it another try tomorrow.

The Candy Thing.
One of my goals for the month is to stop hoarding candy. By that I mean that I should stop buying new candy just because the one I already have at home is boringand I want something else. And so far I’m actually doing great. I know it’s only 4th but I’m still proud of myself. Also I haven’t really eaten that much from the candy I have at home either.

The No Cold Thing.
For the first time since the summer I’m not having a cold, a running nose or a sore throat. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay that way.

The Me Thing.
Yes I really feel that I deserve a spot on this list. I mean it’s my list after all. I’m not sure why I feel extra amazing right now but I do. And that’s a great feeling.

What thing has been best in your life this week?


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