Friday Five, Week 48

Hi everyone.
This has been a great week for me, and hopefully for you too. I have so many things I want to put up on this friday five list that I won’t even mention that it’s black friday today and that I plan to order myself some new makeup. Okay fine I mentioned it, but now I will move on and tell you about some of the other great things that is happening in my life right now.

(And once again I’m writing my friday five post way to late since life got in the way of writing it earlier. But at least I’m writing it now and that’s a good thing. And we had pizza for dinner and that’s a good thing too. But it didn’t make this list either.)

This is five of the things that are good in my life right now.

1. We’re getting kittens.
Yes and hopefully we will be able to pick them up this monday. That’s all I will tell you about them for now. But make sure to follow me on insta to catch my first pictures of them.

saffron fudge

2. Saffron Fudge.
I made this saffron fudge yesterday and it tastes totally amazing. Fudge is one of my absolute favorite Christmas sweets so I plan to make at least one more batch this year.

3. I cut of my hair.
My hair had been a mess for way to long, so one day i finally had enough so I just took a scissor and cut it of. And it turned out great and I love it. It’s actually a bit weird how much the look of my hair affect my mood, but cutting my hair really makes it feel like I’m leaving all the bad stuff behind me. Once again you can head over to my Instagram if you want to see what it looks like.

friday five

4. Christmas Baubles.
I have decided to start a Christmas ornament collection, and my goal is to buy some new Christmas baubles or something similar every year. And this monday I found these two kind of big purple once I knew that I needed to have them. My plan is to hang them in a window, and hopefully the cats won’t play with then too much.

5. My Tinsel Sweater.
The back tinsely thing in these photos is actually a sweater and it’s another thing I bought this monday. I was kind of thinking about buying a ugly Christmas sweater this year. But when I saw this one at H&M I just knew that I had to buy it instead. it’s black and colorful, kind of cropped and filled with tinsel so what’s not to love about it? Promise that I will OOTD it really soon.

Now tell me, what’s been good in your life lately?


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