for the love of tea

tea collection

My tea collection. Or our. But my partner drinks tea like two times at week at most. So, since I drink at least two cups a day, I do consider the collection to be mine. And I love it. Being able to choose a kind every morning is true luxury for me. Black, green or herbal. Fruit, berries or spice. Two kinds of chai. The only thing missing is a white tea and a blackcurrant one.

When people say that they don’t drink tea, I do get a bit confused. I love tea. How can anyone not love tea? Seriously? What if you get sick? What do you drink when you get sick if you don’t drink tea?
Tea is the best I tell you. Drinking tea is the best way to wake up in the morning and the best way to calm down in the evening. Even talking to a good friend gets better over a cup of hot tea. Don’t you think?

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