February Favorites.

Hello everyone.
Tomorrow February will be coming to an end and with that one sixth of this year will be over. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? This month Little Miss I have turned nine years old, I have been blogging almost every day and Mr. A have been going to school as usual. I will talk a bit more about how the blog have been doing in tomorrow’s post and since today’s post is called February favorites that is what I will talk about now.

February Favorites.

February Favorites.

My New Succulents. Okay i feel a bit like a blogger cliché when I’m writing this but I really love succulents and finally having two new ones make me really happy. There are two main reasons why I love succulents so much, the first being that they are the best kind of photo prop ever and the second is that they are some kind of green that can survive in my care. And soon it’s March which means I can re-plant them all.

Peach/Mango Tea from Lipton. If the fact that I’m writing about tea two days in a row don’t proves that I don’t have a life I don’t know what does. But yeah I love tea and just can’t do without it. I haven’t had a real cup of black tea for at least three days now and I can really feel the stress building up in my body. So anyway, this one is one of the favorites right now and I also think it might be new for the month.

These Candies. Oh I find another proof of the fact that I don’t have a life. They have got a lot of new candy at one of our local grocery stores and I’m over the moon about it. And these lemon and liquorice toffees are my new favorites and I’ve bought way to many of them already.

February Favorites.

Eye Shadow Pencils from H&M. They didn’t make it into my makeup essentials post but nothing can stop me from adding them here. I really like the colors of them and they are so easy to apply with a nice result. I wish I could get them in some more colors but I’m actually going on a spending ban, starting in two days so that will have to wait for a while.

And that was it. So bye for now and I hope you to see you again soon.


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