This is now a fake it til you make it blog.

So guess who’s actually blogging? Or you know at least trying to put some words together. Well, the thing is that I haven’t published a single blog post since back in September. And I haven’t been blogging properly in over a year and now it feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. But what I do know is that from now on this will be a fake it til you make it blog. And no, I do not plan to buy any Instagram followers or join comment threads on Facebook to seem popular. Nor will I write anything about those things anytime soon apart from this; don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

fake it til you make it blog

But why call it a fake it til you make it blog then? Well, becasue that’s what it is.

Anyone who has read my blog in the past probably know that my mental health isn’t the best. In the time I’ve been away from blogging it has gone from not the best to a bit worse than that. And that’s where the fake it til I make it part comes in.

I’m depressed and I have really bad anxiety.  I’m also tired most of the time and I’m stressed out and sad and what-freaking-ever. But what is more is that I am still me and I am so much more than my mental health issues. I’m still me, I still love fashion and I still have this wardrobe full of clothes that I want to blog about. So I will fake it; I will pretent to have the energy to take photos because I know it will give me more energy in the long run, and I will write texts to those photos ever if I takes me over a week to do so.

fake it til you make it blog

About this outfit then…

I want to say that the 16 year me would be proud, or maybe even jealous. It’s funny how it’s and outfit that I feel is kind of up to date, at the same time as it’s something I’ve could have worn almost 15 years ago. Although back then my nails would probably have been painted black and my hair would have been bigger.

The present day me loves this outfit. The top have really long arms that I can hide my hands in even though you can’t really tell that from the photos. I love the dress, I mean I love a lot of my dresses but I really, really love this one. I’ve been wanting this kind of a dress for ages but didn’t get around to buy one until I found this one. The tights are co-designed by my clumsiness and my cat. But mostly this outfit is comfortable, after my anxiety took a turn for the worse I have a problem with clothes that sit to tight, but this outfit sits just right.

fake it til you make it blog

Wearing: Top; Weekday // Dress; Forever21 // Shoes; Dr. Martens

And for now; that’s it. XOXO for now and I hope to see you all around, somewhere in the blogosphere.



  1. Faking it is part of my daily survival. I think that if I didn’t pretend to others that i’m great, my depression would win and consume me. We all fake it, and sometimes it’s actually fun on a good day.

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