Double Melon Strawberry Smoothie

  This Double Melon Strawberry Smoothie is one of my absolute favorite saviors on days when it’s so hot that I don’t feel like even haveing breakfast. Or as a late night snack before I go to bed.

  Also it’s kind of packed with all those good stuff one is supposed to eat. Like vitamins and and antioxidants and so. 
XOXO and enjoy!

strawberry smoothie

For 1 big och 2 smaller servings
About 10 minutes

1. Take: 1½ cups of Watermelon
               ½ cup of Galia melon, or honey melon
               ½ cup of Strawberrys

2. Slice the fruits and put them in the mixer.

3. Mix until it’s done!

Double Melon Strawberry Smoothie

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