Directions Carnation Pink and A Quick Life Update.

Hello dolls. Long time no see, right? Or if you’re in my Twitter feed I might have poped into your place one time or five during my not-so-little blogging break. But now I’m back, so welcome and I’m glad that you’re here.

Since my last post I’ve been making some pretty big steps forward when it comes to my mental health. I’m back on my old antidepressant because none of the other ones that I tried out worked for me at all, so fingers crossed that the side effects stays away this time around. I have also stoped taking my anti-anxiety meds because they started to make me really nauseated. The best part of it all though is that I’ve managed to go to the big mall three times and to the therapist at least two times without anti-anxiety meds, and that makes me so proud of myself.

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directions carnation pink

And now to the even bigger change in my life; I am now, for the first time in my life, a university student! I’m studying English online via a university that is called Mittuniversitetet and since all the school work is happening online or in books I’m able to do it even when my anxiety is acting up. For now I only plan to study this single semester and them focus more on my mental health during the spring, but it’s a lot of fun so I might take another class next autumn.


Wearing: Dress; Gina Tricot (almost sold out) // Choker; Boohoo* // Owl Necklace; Old Gina Tricot // Bag; Homemade // Socks; H&M. (Similar on sale ones here* // Shoes; Dr: Martens*

Like you might have guessed from the title of this post my hair is colored with Directions Carnation Pink. Since my hair was a bit yellow before I dyed it the result became a bit more neon pink than I though it would, and it’s even brighter in real life than it looks in the pictures, but I really like it and after being blonde the whole summer it makes me feel a bit more like myself again.

And now tell me, what does the last days of your summer looks like? (I know mine will be filled with grammar. *sadface*)



  1. You go girl! It sounds like you are doing great, it is never a straightforward recovery from an anxiety relapse, it is very much A to C and then back to A again! I was on citalopram before my current medication and it gave me awful moodswings, my down periods felt so oppressive, I couldn’t bear them >< luckily sertraline has been a bit better for me; mental illness is incredibly disabling! I am always here to talk if you would like to 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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