Dear Anxiety, How I do Hate You

  This is an open letter to Anxiety, my greatest peeve and closest companion for the past three years.


  Dear Anxiety, how I do hate you. But I guess that don’t come as such a big suprise to you. I hate you. I hate the way you have been dictating almost every aspect of my life for the past years. I hate the way you have kept me from doing the things I love. I even hate the way you kept me from getting a boring job. I hate the way you made me scared of people and how you almost manage to make me lose myself. I hate you for the way you have made me hate me. I hate you, and now I’m done with you.
  I’m done with you because you have never given me anything but a hard time and a lot of boring days. I’m done because I have a life to live and an awful lot of clothings to buy. I’m done because my home should be a safeplace but you turned it in to a prison. I’m done because I have a family that I love and you have mede me miss a lot of times I could have spent with them. So yeah I’m done with you, from now on I will be choosing me.
  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. Because trust me, I am. But I can’t let fear stand in my way anymore. You see my dear, I’ve spent so much time being afraid of you and so much time beeing scared of fear itself. 
  I won’t allow you to be the boss of me anymore. I’m going to fight you and I’m going to win. You know why? Because the good once always win. And you are not one of the good one.

So bye now. Please leave.


  1. Anonymous

    Stumbled across this post because of reddit's subreddit on anxiety. Just want to say I love it and can totally relate. Don't let it rule you! We are always stronger than we think. I like to look at my anxiety as a blessing and a curse. It's going to be a life long struggle, but if I can turn into something good, why wouldn't I try?

  2. First I want to say how happy I am that you liked my text. I also think that my anxiety will make me stronger in the end. Or actually I know I will. /love Ida

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