Confessions of a Newbie Blogger

  I’m kind of new to this whole blogging thing. And most time I feel that i don’t have a single clue what I’m doing. Which makes me a little bit frustrated, and then after a while it makes me even more frustrated. Becuse I like to know what i’m doing. I like it when I can read something that tells me exaktly how to do a thing, and then do as I have read. But with blogging I can’t really do that.

  And belive me when I said that I have tried to. I have read probably 1000 blogposts about blogging. I’ve been reading about topics, how to get traffic, how to take good selfies and even about how one shouldn’t be writing. But nothing I’ve found have yet told me exaktly how to do it. So then I got frustrated, and then I get a little bit of angry with myself, and then I get sad. So then I decied that blogging just isn’t for me and that i should just quit. This happends at least once a day.

  But then I realize that i love to write. And that my camera is one of my absolutely best friends. And then I realize why I’m doing this, and maybe I even cry a little to get the frustration out of me. I realize why I blog, and why I love it. Because I do love it. No matter how frustrated it gets me. No matter how scary i sometimes think it is. Because it lets me forget about everything else for a while. And thats why I do it.

Please tell me how you felt about blogging when you first started out?


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