Confessions of a Newbie Blogger, part 7

Hi everyone.
It has been 9 months since I started this blog, a bit more than 3 months since I started taking it seriously and also 3 months since I wrothe my first Confessions of a Newbie Blogger post. And now I think this will be the last one in the series, because I don’t feel like a newbie anymore. I mean, I know I still have a lot of things to sort out, but I’m actually start to feel like I know what I’m doing.

With that being said, here are my confessions:

I really love tea.
And I have a really hard time to sit down a write a blog post without a cup next to me.
I sometimes get the idea that a cup of coffee will be good for me, that it will make me more focused and effective. But it don’t. Having coffee means there is a 90% chance that I either get nothing done, or the wrong things done.
So when it comes to blogging, tea really is my best friend. I don’t think I would get anything done without it.

newbie blogger to do

More things I need to confess.
* I still feel so cool because I’m on WordPress now. Yeah, I’m totally one of the cool kids. (Not.)
* Being able to help other newbie bloggers make me really happy, because it proves that I know how to do stuff.
* I still doubt myself, my knowledge and this blog at least once a day.
* I really like the technical parts of blogging, which kind of makes me feel even more like a geek.
* I really wish I could make outfit posts at least 5 times a week.
* I check my stats way to often and get really happy for every single reader.
* Making this list makes me feel like a newbie blogger all over again.

Making this list made me realize how much I still have to learn. But I still don’t see myself as a newbie anymore. I’ve done this for a while now. And I know I will keep doing it for a long time. Make sure to follow me on twitter to never miss a part of my journey.


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