Confessions of a Newbie Blogger- part 6

Hello my friends.
  I just realized that i don’t really feel like a total newbie anymore when it comes to blogging. I actually start to feel that I know what I am doing. And where I want to take this blog. It’s like wow, I’m actually getting good at this. But the thing is I don’t really want to be good, I want to be better.

  I mean I do know that I have come a long way since I started taking this blogging thing a bit more serious. But I want to go further, learn more, take this blog even more serious than I do today. I want to challange myself to be the best I can be. And to do that I can’t settle for just good.
  But at the same time as I really love blogging and all that surrounding it, I also get a bit scared and confused from time to time. And I start to wonder why anyone would want to read my words or look at my outfit posts or even care what I look like in my latest lipstick. Because that is something that I just don’t understand. But for some reason there are people who do care about it, just like I care about what other bloggers have been wearing lately.

  So I plan to keep blogging, and to keep learning as I go along. And when it gets scary I will hide in my bed for a while, but then I will get back to it. Keep writing, keep doing the best I can to become even better. Because I love this new hobby of mine, and one day I hope to have a tiny income from it. And I really hope you want to stay around and watch me grow.


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