Confessions of a Newbie Blogger, part 4

 Hello everyone.
 It’s confession time. The things I’m about to tell you makes me a bit of nervous, but here we go anyway. I have two things that I feel the need to confess to you today. The first thing is that I don’t only blog for me. Gasp! And the second thing is that I love beeing in front of the camera.

 No I don’t only blog for me. I know it’s a thing that’s a bit ugly to confess but I think that most bloggers do feel this way. Why do I blog then? I blog because I feel that I have something that I want to share. I blog because I want people to know my opinion of stuff. I blog because I want to spread some joy into other peoples lives. I blog so that I can let people see the world through my eyes for a moment.
 I also blog because I dream about a society where more people dare to talk about their mental health. I blog to share my story, because if I dare to do it maybe someone else will dare to tell theirs. Or to tell a friend that they are not doing to well, or even call a doctor and say that they can’t do it on their own anymore.
 So therefor I care about my stats. Because they prove that my words get out there.

 And now to something that I never thought I was going to say. I love beeing in front of the camera. I love the feeling I get when Mr. A takes pictures of me to use on the blog. And I no longer feel like crying when I go through the pictures in the computer. I know I have a long way to go before I will be able to feel totally relaxed infront of it though. But I’m getting there, one photoshoot at the time.


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