Caturday #2. An Update.

Hi everyone.
Saturday is Caturday here on the blog. Today I just want to show you some pictures of our beautiful girls, and also give you a little update on how they are doing. And also a bit of what we have learned after 10 days as cat owners.


cat with toy

The Update.

Like I said last week both girls were born outdoors and aren’t that used to people yet. But they are slowly getting used to us, and when they are awake they are constantly checking in on us to see what we are doing. We haven’t been allowed to really pet anyone of them yet but I think we’re slowly getting there.

cat chair

They are still kittens so they sleep a lot. They still prefer to sleep in Mr. A:s closet during daytime. but they also have some other places around the house where we can find them slumbering. They always sleep on the same times, not sure if it is because they actually get sleepy at the same time or that they wake each other up if one of them don’t want to sleep. Right now they are slumbering under our bed, since they must have decided that seven hours of sleep today wasn’t enough.


They are great friends and often play together.
We have a Da Bird cat toy that they love. Nelli is a really great hunter like you can see below, while Tee just seem to be flopping her paws around like she don’t really know what she’s doing. Hopefully I will be able to share a movie of them playing sometime soon.

crazy cat

What we have learned.

* To not leave taco spiced ground meat on the table after the dinner.
* That our cats love to eat corn.
* To have a lot of patience.
* That just like with humans, the way to a cats heart is food.
* That scared and shy cats also will take down your succulents during the night.

black cat

pretty cat

Think our little girls deserves some extra love? Don’t forget that sharing is caring.



  1. oh my gosh, these sweethearts! my youngest cat has gotten use to taking naps with me about one on saturdays that she tugs on my arm if I haven’t gone upstairs 🙂 they get use to routine!

  2. Your cats are gorgeous. Our rescue cat, Alfie, was quite scared to begin with, and quite scratchy… but he’s learning, and is turning into a cat who loves fuss! 🙂 x

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