Wearing: Cropped Sweater And Pencil Skirt.

Hello darlings. Another couple of outfit photos taken in bad light. But that’s what happens when my plans goes against the weather. At least it’s looking like it will be warmer soon, so I hope that I can get some pictures taken outside this weekend. But back to ┬átoday. Wearing: Cropped sweater and pencil skirt … [Keep reading…]

Would You Rather: Beauty Tag

Hello everyone! It’s time for another Tag Post. This time it’s the Would You Rather: Beauty Tag that I found over at aanth blogs. I’m not going to give it any more introduction, except that I hope that you will enjoy reading it and if you feel like doing this tag; You are tagged! Would … [Keep reading…]

October Goals Follow-Up

Hello everyone. October has been a great month for me, when it comes to pretty much everything except reaching my goals. I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog, trying to become a better blogger. I also made an unplanned move from Blogger to WordPress, which took some time but turned out great. I … [Keep reading…]