I Let The Kid Do My Makeup.

Hello darlings. Inspired by this post over at Forever Amber where she let her husband do her makeup I tought it would be a fun idea to let my nine-year old step-daughter do mine and then blog about it. But then life came in-between and I kind of forgot about the idea until yesterday when Little Miss … [Keep reading…]

Caturday #4. Pictures Of My Babes.

Hello everyone. Tomorrow till be Valentine’s so I thought today would be the perfect day to dedicate a blog post to my cats since they are two of the most precious beings in my life. They’ve lived with us for a bit more than two months now and I just can’t imagine this apartment without them anymore. … [Keep reading…]

Wearing: Nineties Inspired Outfit.

Hello darlings. Things don’t seem to work well with me today, first there was no sun at all and almost raining when we went out to take some pictures of today’s nineties inspired outfit, now Canva won’t work so I can’t get done with the pictures and on top of that my computer have got itself … [Keep reading…]