Caturday #3: One Month With Cats.

Hello my friends. Today it has been exactly one month since our cats moved in with us. They are still getting used to us, just as we are still getting used to having two new furry roommates. We are still not allowed to pet them, but they have started to hang out around us a … [Keep reading…]

Caturday #2. An Update.

Hi everyone. Saturday is Caturday here on the blog. Today I just want to show you some pictures of our beautiful girls, and also give you a little update on how they are doing. And also a bit of what we have learned after 10 days as cat owners. Nelli Tee The Update. Like I … [Keep reading…]

Caturday #1 Our Shelter Cats

Hello everyone! I’m so exited to be writing this post. This Wednesday Mr. A could finally pick our little shelter cats up from the shelter that we abopted them from. It means that they have been with us for three whole days now. They are still really shy but I feel that they have made … [Keep reading…]