The Spiders Made Me Do It

Hello darlings. Ever wondered what a phobia of spiders combined with a tiny dose of paranoia can make you do? I can’t tell you what you would have done, but if you want I can tell you about what it got me to do. I Googled their eyes.   If you are the least scared … [Keep reading…]

I Try Stuff, Styled Photos

  Hello darlings.   I Try Stuff is a new series that I plan to have here on the blog. And today I’m doing the first post that is about me trying out how it is to take so-called styled photos.   But first thing first. The kind of styled photos I’ve been taking today … [Keep reading…]

Asos Sale Findings

 Yesterday I recived a package from Asos with some clothes that I bought from their sale. And of course, as a blogger, I do feel obligated to tell you everything about them. No I’m just kidding. I obviously don’t have to tell you about them. But I will do so anyway.  I bought two really … [Keep reading…]

Photo Walk, Middle of August

This is what my world look like an early evening in the middle of August. It’s one of those evenings when you just can’t stay inside.The air is warm yet you can feel a tint of the coming fall in it. Isn’t ‘tint’ an adorable word by the way? I think I want at least … [Keep reading…]