If This Blog Was A Diary

If this blog was a diary┬áI would write about the fact that I woke Mr. A up this morning by feeding him coffee with a spoon, even though he wanted to stay asleep. And then how I said I was really, really sorry and had forgotten about how early it was, even though I’m not … [Keep reading…]

What The Power Failure Taught Me

So we had this really big power failure last night. The light was out in pretty much the whole suburb. No apartment lights, no street lights and worst of all, no internet. For a bit more that an hour. Trust me when I say that you can learn a lot about yourself in that time. … [Keep reading…]

What’s Good In My Life: My Friday Five.

Happy Friday everyone! Like some of you might already know I’m a kind of grumpy person. It’s not that I’m really unhappy with things or so, it’s just that I actually really like to whine about stuff. So a couple of months ago, as soon as I started to complain about stuff, Mr. A made … [Keep reading…]

Tiny Succulent Pots, Simple DIY

Hello everyone. Today if finally took the time to make some tiny succulent pots out of polymer clay. It’s one of those projects that’s been on my mind for months but that I just haven’t taken the time for, untill today. It’s a pretty simple project and it took me about one hour and a … [Keep reading…]