Goals. October 2015

Hello everyone.   I can’t belive that it is October already. This having a blog thing and actually doing things makes the days go so much faster, but I guess it’s okay since I have so much fun with it. So yes it’s October, and that means it time for me to share my October … [Keep reading…]

September Goals Follow-Up

Hello darlings.   So now it’s time for me to follow up on my September goals. And truth be told, I could have done better, but I could also have done a lot worse.  Life Goal. *Stop beeing a whining little bitch.  On this one I have to admit that I failed completely. And it’s … [Keep reading…]

Goals. September 2015

  Hello folks. These are my goals for September. Wish me luck on accomplishing them, okay?   Life Goal.*Stop beeing a whining little bitch.  You could think that dealing with depression and anxiety would have helped me not to whine about small, unnecessary and plain stupid stuff, but it hasn’t. Instead I find myself whining … [Keep reading…]