Let’s Talk About Wardrobes

Hello everyone. Let’s talk about wardrobes, shall we. And no not the kind that can take us to Narnia if were lucky enough. I mean our clothes. Or in this case my clothes since right now I’m the one doing the talking, or writing if you want to be like that. I love clothes. I … [Keep reading…]

New Years Outfit

Happy New Year everyone! You can’t belive how happy I am about the fact that new year is just around the corner. And it’s not because the year that we soon will be leaving behind us have been bad, since it really hasn’t. It’s just that I feel that this year will become even better. … [Keep reading…]

Shopping Guide: Affordable Basics.

Hello everyone! I know you’re probably all wrapped up in Christmas preparations by now. Wraping gifts, planing pretty outfits and doing some last-minute shopping. And the little time you have over you might spend looking at your not-perfect-enoguh tree. Because seriously, do they ever turn out as pretty as in our minds? Enough with the … [Keep reading…]

Wednesday Wish List: Winter Accessories

Hello everyone! One of the perks being unemployed is that I have a lot of time to browse the internet for nice finds. The downside, however, is that I can’t really afford any luxury shopping right now. And by that I can’t really afford to buy any more things that I already have. But since … [Keep reading…]