Wearing: Big Sweater And Overknee Socks.

Hello everyone. Today this mix of rain and snow was falling from the sky for hours, and to make it even better the wind was sometimes so strong that rain/snow was literally falling sideways. So it looked like my chances of taking some decent outfit photos was below zero. But lucky for me it cleared … [Keep reading…]

Wearing: Dressed In Gray.

Hello darlings. Hope you’re all been having a great Sunday. Me I had planned to get things done today, but that did not happen. Instead I woke up late and then I’ve spent the day doing a bit of this and that without really getting anything finished. But at least I managed to get some … [Keep reading…]

Wearing: Paint It Black.

Hello everyone. I did not want to wake up this morning. The bed was so cozy and all I wanted was to stay in it all day reading Harry Potter. And I just did not care about my plans to have some outfit photos taken, or that there actually was some decent light in our … [Keep reading…]

Where To Find Fashion Inspiration.

Hello lovely ones. A couple of days ago I talked a bit about my wardrobe, and today I wanted to continue on that theme by talking about where I find fashion inspiration. If was to describe my style I would probably say that it’s a mix between dark and colorful, and also a mix between … [Keep reading…]

Wearing A Short Skirt In Cold Weather.

Hello darlings. In Sweden we have this saying that goes: There is no bad weather, there is just bad clothes. Well, I think that’s a stupid saying. There is obviously bad weathers, especially if you’re a blogger. I do however think that it’s important to know how to dress for the weather. So in today’s … [Keep reading…]