November Goals Follow Up

Hello everyone! November have somehow come to an end, and I’m writing my second blog post for today. Didn’t really expect either of that to happen but here we are anyway. So since it’s the last of November the time has come for me to follow up on the goals I put up for my … [Keep reading…]

My New Blogging Rules

Hello all you lovely ones. Today I want to talk about blogging. Or more exactly the new blogging rules that I have set up for myself. The biggest reason that I choose to share them with you all is that I think that it will help me to live up to them better. But I … [Keep reading…]

I’m Not Sure I Want To Blog Anymore

Hello everyone. This is my first blog post in almost a week, and I’m writing it because I want you to know what’s been going on in my head lately when it comes to this blog. For at least a month now I’ve been having this big time blogging crisis. And I’ve been thinking over … [Keep reading…]