OMG I have nothing to blog about!

Hello darlings. Some days I have so many things that I want to blog about that I don’t know where to start and other days, like today it feels like I have nothing to blog about even though I have all these words in my fingers that need to come out. So therefore I’m using todays … [Keep reading…]

I Don’t Want To Be A Good Blogger.

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to talk about a part of myself, and my blogging, that I’m not that proud of. You see I’m a really competitive person, I’m a terrible looser and an unbearable winner and I sometimes even sighs loudly when someone answers a question wrong in a game. And the thing is that even … [Keep reading…]

Are You Spreading The Blogging Love?

Hello everyone. I will start today’s post of by talking about one of my blogging pet peeves, and that’s bloggers that do nice things for other bloggers and then expects the blogger to do the same for them. People that have a look at something I shared on Facebook and then asking me to have … [Keep reading…]

What If Blogging Is Dead?

Hello everyone! I’ve been blogging on this blog for one year now, taking it kind of seriously for about six months. Before that I had a blog in Swedish where a had planned to document my school year. But pretty much the whole year became a mess and there where so many things happening that … [Keep reading…]