Blogiversary part 2: What I hope will come.

Hello darlings.
So the day is finally here, today my little blog is turning one years old. Okay I know you haven’t been waiting for this day, and neither have I to be honest. Until some time last week I thought I started this blog in february. Lucky for me a checked it out and today it’s been exactly one year since I wrote the first post on this blog. So today is my first ever blogiversary, even if I still feel like a total newbie when it comes to blogging.

I’ve already wrote a post about my first year with this blog, that you can find here. And today I will tell you about the plans/hopes/dreams I have for this blog in the future.

Blogiversary (1)

Plans/hopes/dreams for the future.

I hope to one day make an income from blogging. There I said it. I know that there are a lot of other girls that dream about making money from their blog, but it still feels a bit forbidden to admit it. And I know admitting it means I might have to deal with people telling me that it’s impossible, or that my blog just isn’t good enough. But the thing is that I already know how hard it is, and how hard I will have to work to even have a tiny chance to make it come true. But I also know how stubborn I am.
Although admitting it makes me feel like maybe I don’t really want it. Maybe I’m just being stupid or something. But if I want it again tomorrow or I week from now, this is what I know I will need to do:

? Learn more about SEO, boring but necessary.

? Learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog.

? Keep following my own blogging rules so that I don’t burn myself out.

? Become way more confident in front of the camera.

? Buy a new camera lens and practice my editing, to up my photo game.

? Spend more time planing posts and getting ahead of my schedule more often.

? Stay true to myself, and never ever try to be someone else.

Like I said I know how hard it will be, and I also know how few bloggers there are that’s actually makes a decent living out of their blog. But a few percent are better odds than no percent at all. Right?


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  1. Fergus

    Hi. It’s great to have goals in life and with enough desire and commitment no doubt you’ll achieve them all and I hope you do ☺. No.7 the most important (in my humble opinion).

  2. Keep your dream and goals. Others make money, why not yours? I’m in the “earning enough for a cup of coffee a month” stage, even after 20 months, but more than before I started.

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