Blogiversary part 1: What have been.

Hello everyone!
I’m so glad that you’re here. On Saturday it will be exactly one year since I published the first ever post on this blog, which means I’m celebrating my first ever blogiversary. Yay! The blog had another name by then, since my only plan was to empty my head on the internet and didn’t care so much about the name. But then I realised that this blogging thing was something that I wanted to get serious about so I canged the name till something better.

In this first blogiversary post I will talk a bit about what have been, and on Saturday I plan to write another one where I will talk about the future and my dreams for this blog.


What one year as a blogger has taught me.

? I have learned that knowing that someone is reading my words are one of the best feelings ever. I have also learned that I love to write, even more than I thought I did.

? I have learned to do some basic HTML and CSS.

? I have learned to take better photos and how important it is with natural light. I have also learned how to edit my photos, even though I once said I would never do that.

? I have learned that most bloggers don’t only love to blog. We also like to read about blogging, write about blogging and also to chat about it on Twitter.

? I have learned that it’s okay to love clothes and makeup.

? I have learned that sharing my mental health story makes me feel stronger, but it also seem to help others.

? I have learned, or at least starting to learn, to belive in myself more than I ever have before.

Posts worth mentioning.

? About Getting Through. Becasue it’s the first post I wrote that I still think is good.

New Hair. Because it’s the first pictures of me on this blog.

How It Feels When Your Antidepressants Is Working. First post about my mental health but also the first post to get over 100 views.

Me vs Anxiety 1-0. Becasue… Just because.

My PMS Wish List. I love this post and I want to write more posts like it.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


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