Blogging Goals January 2016

Hello darlings.
The time has come for me to set some goals for the month. And to be honest with you it feels really weird to do this so soon after setting my goals/resolutions for the whole year. I even thought about not doing them at all this year and just stick to my resolutions. But then I realized that there’s a big chance that I sometime around April will start missing having these goal posts, so I decided to keep doing them anyway. At least for now.
My plan is to have three different set of goals each month. One set of social media goals, one set of blogging goals and one set of feeling good goals.

Social Media Goals.

Like I said in my New Years resolutions post my goal this year is to focus on one or two social media platforms each month. My hope is that this will help me figuring out how they work, hopefully grow them a bit and also see how I can use them to drive some traffic to my blog.

This months platforms will be StumbleUpon and Pinterest.
StumbleUpon is great for traffic, if you have the time for it. You can’t use it to only promote you own stuff because then you won’t get any side views from it at all. But if you have the time to add both your own stuff, stuff from others and then stumble some of all the articles that are already on there I recommend you to give it a try.
And then there is Pinterest that I assume that all of you know about. I know that a lot of bloggers get some really good traffic from there, but for me not so much. And I really hope to change that. (Me not getting traffic that is, not the fact that other gets it.)

This month I will:
1. Keep adding my own as well as others posts to StumbleUpon.
2. Follow some new people on StumbleUpon and hopefully have 30 followers on there at the end of the month.
3. Look over the things and people I’m following on Pinterest.
4. Stop following some of the how to blog boards I’m following.
5. Follow some new and inspiring people and boards.
6. Find some group boards that suits me, or start one of my own.

BloggingGoals (1)

Blogging Goals.

This month my goals will be to keep creating content. For the past two months I’ve been in some kind of a blogging slump. Feeling that I don’t have anything to write about, or that what I write just isn’t enough. But I have also realized that once I sit down to write, the writing part is kind of easy. So therefore I will try to create content even if I feel that I have nothing to write about.

This month I will:
1. Start doing OOTD posts again. (I know I said this before but three times is the charm, right?)
2. Find some fun tag posts to do.
3. Find a way to write about my everyday life, even if my life is kind of boring.

Feeling Good Goals

I guess it’s pretty obvious what these goals is about. Because there is no way I will be able to reach the goals above if I’m not take care of me at the same time. So therefore I will do my best to make myself feel good both about being me and about what I do.

This month I will:
1. Slowly introduce my body to Pilates and yoga again.
2. Keep up the habit of taking walks that I started last month.
3. Remember to drink water every day.
4. Stop trying to put myself down.
5. Keep wearing makeup that makes me feel strong.

Over to you: What are your goals for the month?



  1. These are great goals you’ve set. Love how it seems each month you will focus on one or two social media’s vs taking them all on. That’s a very smart idea. Good luck with all your goals! I know that 2016 will be a good year

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