Blogging Goals For March 2016.

Hello darlings.
Before starting to write this post I thought it was a good idea to have a look at last months post. But I obviously have some trouble accepting the fact that it’s March since I almost went into last months goal post to edit it from saying February to saying January because I really, really thought that today must be the first of February. But I did, lucky enough, not make any changes in the post and have also accepted that it really is March by now. But I know that most of you that are reading this are more interested in my life and blogging goals for March, than you are about what a confused person I am, so they are coming your way now. (However, for those of you that are interested in my confusion I can add that I obviously don’t know what year it is either.)

Social Media Goals.

Last month my targeted platform was Pinterest, and while I have managed to get a little bit more traffic from the platform I am still doing way better with StumbleUpon. This month I want to do something else though and get my mind of Pinterest for a while.

So therefore this months platform will be Twitter.
I love Twitter, it’s my favorite social media platform at the moment and I think the Twitter blogging community is the nicest one ever. I still think, however, that I can be a bit more active than I am today.

This month I will:
1. Join at least two Twitter chats a week but hopefully more.
2. Schedule 8-10 tweets each day with links to different blog posts.
3. Try to grow my Twitter following without doing follow for follow.
4. Try to be braver when it comes to connecting with other bloggers.

Blogging Goals For March

Blogging Goals.

Like I wrote a while back, I don’t want to be a good blogger I want to be better.  And even though I’m constantly struggling with the feeling that I’m not even good at all I know that I have to keep my eyes on the goal and don’t let my self-doubt take over.

This month I will:
1. Do at least 5 outfit posts now that the weather is getting better.
2. Write about my mental health in some way.
3. Plan a bit ahead and not only to the next day.
4. Try to take photos in a bunch once in a while when the lighting is good.
5. Keep reminding myself everyday how much I love this blog and how good it feels when people read it.
6. Start using notebooks again to plan posts and write down drafts for them.
7. Start using washi tape in said notebooks to color code different posts and make it prettier.
8. Make at least one wish list of shopping guide kind of post.

Feeling Good Goals.

Just as in January, February have mostly been spent dealing with one cold after the other, but hopefully this month will bring me better health as well as better weather. I will also start a three months long spending ban to save some money for the summer. (See now it’s on the blog so now I have to make it.)

This month I will:
1. Get through the first month of the spending ban.
2. Make pilates or yoga ones a week.
3. Get better at drinking water since I’m still a little bit low in that.
4. Start a new and hopefully better skin care routine.
5. Start drinking smoothies again.
6. Take at least one walk each day. (Now that’s also true since it’s on the blog.)
7. Take the best care of myself that I possibly can.

So what do you think about my goals, think I can live up to them? I really hope that I can. The spending ban is the most important one to me though and I plan to write more about it later.



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