Blogging Goals February 2016

Hello darlings.
New month means new goals. I’m so glad that I decided to keep doing them this year since they really help me to keep my focus and not just get stuck in front of Netflix all the time. I wish I could say that I’m totally excited to put up the goals for this month, but I’m not. I think it has something to do with the fact that the blog did so well in January and now it feels like there’s no chance it will do as good this month. But here we go anyway with my life and blogging goals for February. Just as last month the goals will be divided into three different categories; Social Media Goals, Blogging Goals and Feeling Good Goals.

Social Media Goals.

Last month my targeted platforms where StumbleUpon and Pinterest, and while I did pretty good on StumbleUpon I kind of gave up on Pinterest a couple of weeks into the month. But I’m a pretty stubborn girl so therefore…

This months platform will be Pinterest.
Like I said last month I know that there are a lot of bloggers that get’s a big part of their traffic from this platform. But me I’m lucky if I see any traffic from Pinterest at all, last month it gave me about 2-3 views a week and this month I really hope to change that.

This month I will:
1. Keep using Twitter and StumbleUpon like I do now.
2. Make a new Pinterest board for my outfit photos.
3. Start using Pinterest on an everyday basis again.
4. Re-name my boards and make ut all look better.
5. Find a good post about how to best use Pinterest for blog traffic and read it.

Blogging Goals

Blogging Goals.

Right now my biggest problem when it comes to blogging is the feeling that I’m not good enough, and that no matter what I do I never will be. So that’s something I really want to work on this month. I mean I know my blog is far from the best and that I still need to work on my photography skills and so on, but I also know how much I have developed since I started blogging. So yeah that’s what my goals will be about, my confidence as a blogger.

This month I will:
1. Keep doing outfit posts since they make me feel good and I love doing them.
2. Look at my old posts to see how far I have come.
3. Include some more of my boring everyday life into this blog.
4. Stop comparing myself to everyone else all the time.
5. Try to find another topic to blog about that excites me as much as outfits/fashion do.
6. Not force myself to blog if it don’t feel good.
7. Remind myself everyday how much I love this blog and how good it feels when people read it.
8. Start planing my blog posts a little better.

Feeling Good Goals.

Last month was pretty much all about dealing with (read: whine about) my never-ending cold. So I really hope that my body will work with me and not against me this month. I will also keep loving my body because doing that is the best thing I’ve ever learned.

This month I will:
1. Do pilates for the energy it gives me and do yoga for the calm it gives me.
2. Take walks on days when the weather is nice.
3. Drink water and more green tea.
4. Wear all the makeup I want. (And can afford.)
5. Remind myself that my body is the only body I have, and that I will benefit way more from loving it than to hate it.

So there you got them, lots of goals but they kind of relate to each other so I think I can make this. Wish me luck?

Do you have any life or blogging goals for the month that you want to tell me about?


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  1. Hey Ida

    That is an really inspiring post. I always think about to put down some goals, but always fear to achieve them.
    I wish you the best of luck and keep going.


  2. Hello Ida, so glad to have come across your beautiful space here via Google Plus 🙂 Goal setting is surely a good way to keep us accountable and motivated! I love to write my goals on a card and keep it in a jar – it’s good to be visual with it to make it looks much more tangible. Good luck with it all & I’ll be following your journey.
    Love x

  3. Enjoyed the read, really good to write down your goals and publishing them here adds that element of accountability that they say is all important to helping you actually achieve them!

    I’m keen on getting into Pinterest this year properly too, I’m so sporadic with it and don’t really get how to fold it into the mix of all the other social media (so much of it). But will try, good luck with your Pinning and blogging journey too 🙂

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