Black Friday Makeup Haul

Hello everyone, and welcome to my black friday makeup haul.
So the thing is that I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a week now. But I just can’t find the words for it. Which makes me a bit annoyed since I really, really want to publish it while the topic is still kind of relevant. And there for I’ve now decided that I’m not allowed to do anything more today untill this post is done. (Okay I’m actually doing a Twitter chat right now and might take a walk after that. But other than that I will only be writing I promise.)
I really love hauls, both to read them and to just look at the pictures of them. And now I finally can make another one myself. So now without any more rambling, here are the things I ordered.

Black Friday Makeup Haul.

makeup haul

This is the first products I’ve ever bought from Nyx, and so far I’m really happy with them. I think that the quality is great for such a low price and I love the big variety of lip colors they have.

IMG_9277 (2)

This is the boring things I got. I won’t say that they are necessary since I can do a good makeup without them. But I do feel than some nice base products is good to have, even if they aren’t that fun to put money on.
What I got was the Q10 Renew Skin Elixir because it sounded like my skin could benefit from it. And also I didn’t have any kind of primer from before. I also got their Dark Circle Concealer in Fair, and I do think that it does its job.

IMG_9281 (2)

And this is the fun stuff I bought. More colors for my lips. I got a Butter Lipstick in Bit Of Honey and a High Voltage Lipstick in Flutter Kiss because I felt that I needed a more subtle alternative to all my bold lipsticks. And also because I really like the name of the shades I chose.

nyx vamped up

V’amped up. Best thing I bought. It is supposed to be worn over another lipstick to vamp it up, which means make it darker. But I use it as a black lip gloss and for that it works very well. But I can’t neglect to re-apply it every now and then because it I do I end up looking like I’ve eaten a lot of licorice and forgot to wash my mouth.

IMG_9293 (2)

Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Castle. Second Best thing in my order, even if I haven’t tried it on yet. But the color looks great and it smells amazing so I’m sure it will be a hit.

And now I’m done. How do you think I did in my second ever makeup haul?



  1. Daniel

    Om det är egenproducerade foton så måste jag säga att jag är imponerad över vilket professionellt resultat du har lyckats få fram

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