Bad Hair Day Outfit And A Bit Of An Age Crisis

Hello darlings.
Hope you’re all having a great Friday, and maybe some nice plans for the weekend too. I actually don’t have anything planed but I guess I will be writing a bit and maybe do another bad hair day outfit post if the weather is nice. And of course spend some time with the family when they are both at home. Right now we have a pizza in the oven, made by me and Little Miss I, though it will probably be in out tummies once this post is done and published.

The bad hair day outfit.

Bad Hair Day Outfit Wearing: Beanie; Homemade // Choker; Asos // Long nacklace: H&M // Bag; Mum’s old one // Shirt; Old // Dress; Boohoo // Tights: Old // Boots Dr. Martens

My hair looks pretty bad right now which means I won’t go outside without anything on my head, but I don’t want to wash it yet either since I want the color to stick as much as it can. So right now I’m all about beanies, and I really like this one that I made a couple of years ago. And yeah, this whole outfit is assembled with needing to hide my hair in mind.

My tiny age crisis.

I really like todays outfit, and I really like to have fun with clothes and try different looks and then blog about it. But right now I’m really afraid that people will just see me as this tragic old person that can’t accept that she is getting old and tries to look younger than she is. It’s like I feel so old and boring and that I might as well start dressing like all the other parents.
And it’s not that I actually think that clothes have an age because they don’t. And I don’t mind being an adult, I actually really like it, and I’m finally in a place where I make the decisions about myself. It’s just that I always find something about myself that is wrong I guess.
I know I shouldn’t take these thoughts too serious though because it’s not the first time I have them. A couple of years ago I thought I was getting to old to wear maxi skirts and that it was a trend just for young people. And now I kind of feel that way again but with my whole look. But I’m just stupid, right?

Bye for now and take care.  (And the pizza was yummy by the way.)


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