baby, did you forget to take your meds

chia pudding and tea

So here’s a photo of my breakfast. Why? Well,why not? And no, I didn’ create this blog post to tell you about my strawberry and blueberry chia pudding with muesli and vanilla chai tea breakfast. I just felt that every blog post deserves a photo.

So, here’s how it is. A little more than two months ago I started to take antidepressants that would make it easier for me to eat and also to sleep.
The eating part worked out great. I can’t describe how good it feels to be able to really enjoy food again. Because I love food, and now I finally remeber why. But when it comes to the sleeping part it just haven’t worked. During the past weeks I’ve been feeling tired almost all of the time, and at the same time I’ve been having trouble falling asleep.
Also my general wellbeing haven’t been that great. I’ve been feeling bored, sad, irritated, stressed out and totaly uninspired to create anything. It have been like losing all that is me. 

So from today, after talking to my therapist, I won’t be taking the pills anymore, and hopefully be finding myself again.

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