Tiny Makeup Haul

Hello everyone.  This is actually so tiny that I’m not really sure it counts as a haul. But here we go anyway. So, I actually just bougt my first pieces of real makeup. Or, I’ve been using mascara since my early teens and somewhere around sixteen I developed a bad kajal addiction. And of course … [Keep reading…]

The Lazy Day Blog Post

Hello everyone.  This day started with me and Mr. A going to the store to pick up some things that we had ordered online.    Okay fine. The day actually started with me not wanting to get out of bed as always. And then I spent at least 30 minutes reading blogs, checking my twitter … [Keep reading…]

The Spiders Made Me Do It

Hello darlings. Ever wondered what a phobia of spiders combined with a tiny dose of paranoia can make you do? I can’t tell you what you would have done, but if you want I can tell you about what it got me to do. I Googled their eyes.   If you are the least scared … [Keep reading…]