The day before yesterday we made these cupcakes. Don’t they look pretty? Yeah I think they do. And there you have my big problem of the day. My cupcakes are so damn cute that I seriously don’t want to eat them. Or I’ve already eaten the ugly ones, and now it’s only the prettiest ones … [Keep reading…]

get on your brooms and ride

Maundy Thursday. The day of the Last Supper. And accordning to nordic folklore the day when you, if you are a witch, will take your broom to Blockula to celebrate the witches Sabbath with the Devil. And if you can’t find a broom to travel on you might as well use a peel och even … [Keep reading…]


The colors of this morning truly took my breath away. I mean, how can one be anything but happy when a day begins with colors like this?   

an ice tea misfortune

Have you ever been drinking something out of a bottle with a straw? Maybe even ice tea? And then somehow forgotten how to use the straw between your lips, so instead of drinking you pour the ice tea all over yourself?Yeah I just did that.