Organizing My Blog.

Hello everyone. A while back I thought it might be a good idea for me to start organizing my blog and other things around it. And for about three months I have been kind of organizing my blog post ideas using Google Calendar, while still keeping all the other stuff in my head. I guess it … [Keep reading…]

Blogging Goals For March 2016.

Hello darlings. Before starting to write this post I thought it was a good idea to have a look at last months post. But I obviously have some trouble accepting the fact that it’s March since I almost went into last months goal post to edit it from saying February to saying January because I really, … [Keep reading…]

Reviewing February.

Hello everyone. Today is the last day of February which means the tomorrow will be the first of March, which mean that it will officially be spring, let’s just hope that the weather gets that too.  Just like I ended last month with a review post where I was sharing the ups and downs of January I will … [Keep reading…]

February Favorites.

Hello everyone. Tomorrow February will be coming to an end and with that one sixth of this year will be over. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? This month Little Miss I have turned nine years old, I have been blogging almost every day and Mr. A have been going to school as usual. I … [Keep reading…]