I Let The Kid Do My Makeup.

Hello darlings. Inspired by this post over at Forever Amber where she let her husband do her makeup I tought it would be a fun idea to let my nine-year old step-daughter do mine and then blog about it. But then life came in-between and I kind of forgot about the idea until yesterday when Little Miss … [Keep reading…]

Just Another Slip Dress And A Tiara.

Hello darlings. How are your Saturday going? Mine is great and it looks like the spring have finally came for real and I couldn’t be happier about it. The spring gives me hope and it makes me feel like I can breathe easier again, and I think that writing the post about my mental health that I … [Keep reading…]

Mental Health Update #1

Hello everyone. I’ve been really out of my blogging game lately and it have been a while since I posted last time. But I think I’m slowly getting out of this slump that have actually effected my whole life and not only my blogging. Well, something I’ve been wanting to write more about is my … [Keep reading…]

Spring Shoes For Grunge Girls.

First of all five points to me for absolute lamest blog post title ever, I know. But the thing is that I can’t come up with anything else to call this post. Or I can, but nothing that actually describes what it is about, and if the title don’t really say anything about a posts … [Keep reading…]