My New Blogging Rules

Hello all you lovely ones. Today I want to talk about blogging. Or more exactly the new blogging rules that I have set up for myself. The biggest reason that I choose to share them with you all is that I think that it will help me to live up to them better. But I … [Keep reading…]

What’s Good In My Life: My Friday Five.

Happy Friday everyone! Like some of you might already know I’m a kind of grumpy person. It’s not that I’m really unhappy with things or so, it’s just that I actually really like to whine about stuff. So a couple of months ago, as soon as I started to complain about stuff, Mr. A made … [Keep reading…]

I’m Not Sure I Want To Blog Anymore

Hello everyone. This is my first blog post in almost a week, and I’m writing it because I want you to know what’s been going on in my head lately when it comes to this blog. For at least a month now I’ve been having this big time blogging crisis. And I’ve been thinking over … [Keep reading…]

Wednesday Wish List: Dear Santa.

Hello everyone. This weeks Wednesday Wish List will be a different, instead of showing you a some pretty stuff that I wish was mine I will show you my (very newly written) letter to Santa. This because of the fact that I’ve spent most of my day trying to make my blog look a little … [Keep reading…]