Friday Five, Week 50

Hello my friends. It’s Friday again. Which means I have to come up with some smart way to start this Friday Five post. But smart isn’t really my thing right now. A bit of a smart ass probably, but smart, that part of me is closed for the day. So instead of trying to come … [Keep reading…]

Black Friday Makeup Haul

Hello everyone, and welcome to my black friday makeup haul. So the thing is that I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a week now. But I just can’t find the words for it. Which makes me a bit annoyed since I really, really want to publish it while the topic is still … [Keep reading…]

Caturday #1 Our Shelter Cats

Hello everyone! I’m so exited to be writing this post. This Wednesday Mr. A could finally pick our little shelter cats up from the shelter that we abopted them from. It means that they have been with us for three whole days now. They are still really shy but I feel that they have made … [Keep reading…]

Friday Five Week 49

Hi everyone. For some reason I have a very hard time to come up with anything to write right now. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about it’s just that for some reason I have a hard time finding the words. Maybe the problem is that I have to many things I … [Keep reading…]

3 Reasons I Want Snow Right Now

Hi everyone. Today Mr. A went over to the shelter and picked up our two cats. And of course I’m totally over exited and want to stare at them every single second instead of writing this post. But if I planed to write it I will write it, or all the words will float around … [Keep reading…]