Blogging Goals January 2016

Hello darlings. The time has come for me to set some goals for the month. And to be honest with you it feels really weird to do this so soon after setting my goals/resolutions for the whole year. I even thought about not doing them at all this year and just stick to my resolutions. … [Keep reading…]

Caturday #3: One Month With Cats.

Hello my friends. Today it has been exactly one month since our cats moved in with us. They are still getting used to us, just as we are still getting used to having two new furry roommates. We are still not allowed to pet them, but they have started to hang out around us a … [Keep reading…]

New Years Outfit

Happy New Year everyone! You can’t belive how happy I am about the fact that new year is just around the corner. And it’s not because the year that we soon will be leaving behind us have been bad, since it really hasn’t. It’s just that I feel that this year will become even better. … [Keep reading…]

December Goals Follow-up

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello my darlings. Since December (and the year) is coming to an end it’s time for me to follow-up on my December Goals. To be honest with you all I kind of forgot about most of them somewhere around Lucia, so I’m a little bit nervous to se how I’ve … [Keep reading…]