Asos Sale Findings

 Yesterday I recived a package from Asos with some clothes that I bought from their sale. And of course, as a blogger, I do feel obligated to tell you everything about them. No I’m just kidding. I obviously don’t have to tell you about them. But I will do so anyway.

 I bought two really cozy cardigans and the white one I plan to wear as a jacket when it’s not totaly cold outside. Also i bought some tights, a black skirt and the lovely green hat you can see in the picture. And everything was about half of so to me it feel like I’ve saved money by buying these things, instead of wasting them as I often feel when I buy something that is just for me.

 I don’t think I ever appreciated a good sale as much before I became unemployed as I do now. Nowdays a sale don’t means more clothes, it just means clothes and not feeling guilty about it.

 I will for real be living in these sweaters this fall since I get cold really easy. And if you are a cold one like me and feel in the need of something to keep you warm next season I do recomend you to head over to Asos and take a look at their sale because I do think they have some really nice stuff left. Oh if I only had some more money.

 And then there’s this hat. My absolute favorite piece of them all. I’m in love with it. I do however feel that I can’t combine it with pink hair so now I will probably dye my hair in some shade of purple once all the blue have been washed out. And I need to find some way to deal with my hair that isn’t putting it in a big bun on top of my head. But that is a small price to pay for looking fab, don’t you think?


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