Are You Spreading The Blogging Love?

Hello everyone.
I will start today’s post of by talking about one of my blogging pet peeves, and that’s bloggers that do nice things for other bloggers and then expects the blogger to do the same for them. People that have a look at something I shared on Facebook and then asking me to have a look at their blog in return really puts me of, not to mention when someone is leaving a comment on my blog just to ask me to check out theirs. Thankfully most bloggers are not like this, most bloggers seem to be genially nice, because they are nice people and not because they think they can benefit from it. And even if there’s no instant karma when it comes to blogging, I do think that bloggers who are willing to help and support each other, instead of only thinking about themselves and their blog, have a bigger chance of becoming successful.

Are You Spreading The blogging love

So I hope that I now have convinced you all to spread a little more blogging love, you don’t want to be a pet peeve do you?  And if I haven’t yet here are some more reasons that I think you should do it. First of all it’s a pretty simple thing to do and it will hopefully make another person smile. And it is also a great way of start building a blogging community and to make blogging friends, and having those is really important.

Are You Spreading the blogging love

Some great ways of spreading the blogging love.

Re-tweet a post from another blogger, because you think they wrote a great post that deserve some extra attention or because you think your followers would like it, not because you think that it will immediately benefit yourself.

Comment or like a post on Facebook so that it will show up in the feed of more potential readers.

Link back to a post that inspired you to write something, or if it’s a tag post you found on another blog.

Use StumbleUpon to share posts from other bloggers that you think deserves some more side views.

Follow someone on Twitter and interact with them, even if they don’t follow you back.

Don’t forget to leave comments on smaller blogs even though they might not bring you any traffic.

Leave long genuine comments on bigger blogs because I do think they mean just as much to a “bigger” blogger as they do to me.

Answer questions in Facebook groups because you won’t lose your knowledge by sharing it.

Don’t call out others for not following you back, that’s just mean.

Re-pin things you like on blogger group boards and don’t just use them as a place to dump links.

And there are probably dozens of other ways to spread some blogging love too. But these are the things that I like to do.

Have I convinced you all to spread the blogging love a little extra yet? I really hope I have. And please remember that blogging isn’t a competition, there isn’t a finish line, we’re in this together and we will all benefit for helping each other.


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  1. I truly love this post (as well as your blog name)! I am a beginning blogger and need and appreciate tips. I am willing to do all I can to help other bloggers. I mean, what did it cost or hurt me to like a Facebook page? I do NOT expect reciprocity because I am a PG-13 blogger and know that I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I like other blogger’s FB pages as my personal name, and only ones that I think are in my niche as my FB page name. Following you on Twitter. You rock. I will definitely poke around your site.

  2. Great post! 🙂 You totally inspired me to spread some blogging love. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about retweeting posts from other bloggers, but I somehow just haven’t got that yet. :/
    And I wanted to share my blogging pet peev and it is when bloggers (mostly on twitter) ask for a follow because they are close to some number they wanna achieve. To be honest, my “numbers” vary and I rather have people who follow me to enjoy my content not just do it because I asked.
    Happy blogging! 🙂

  3. I so agree!!…I want to follow blogs because they interest me or we have something in common…I don’t expect everyone I follow to follow me and get very upset when they post, “I commented/followed you, now could you do the same”…

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