about getting through

apple candle

I don’t care about happy endings. I care about happy right now. I care about getting through every day. And to make them the best they can be.
I belive in lighting candles and taking long hot baths. I belive that a big mug of your favorite tea can make any problem a bit easier to handle. I belive that life is hard, but manageable. And i do belive in writing blog posts and eating cupcakes when you really should be sleeping.
I don’t belive that anyone get just as much hard times as they can handle. I don’t think that faith works that way. I belive that we handle the hard times because we have to. Because there really isn’t an option, is there?
I don’t care for happily ever after. Because for ever after isn’t happening right now. Now is happening right now, and then it becomes a memory. And I belive in collecting happy memories.

And I love candles. Especially scented ones. They are my best go-to thing when it feels like the earth i spinning way too fast and I get scared to fall of. I get scared a lot.

And I belive in surviving until you dare to start living. Because sometimes thats just enough.

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